BREAK OUT the armpit comfort zone


Alhamdulillaahilladzi Bini’matihi Tathimmush Shalihaat can share again in this visual paper.
risk topic honestly.. but i try to share and describe special for you. for everyone who loved and put their comfort zone with deodorant and antiperspirant.

Inspired by Java Remedies Owner . Mrs Adinda Hertogina. Jazaakillaahu Khayraa for expert beauty knowledge that always share to me.Β yes… i share with her until decided STOP to use deodorant or antiperspirant and start for detox my armpit.

anyway, when we get odor in our underarm. exactly we loudly say “HURRY UP to use deodorant or antiperspirant” mostly people sure do that. here, i just try to open your mind for this thing. deodorant or antiperspirant made by commercial accompany to disguise your sweatΒ but the fact is KILL ELEMENT of your body. sad hear the fact 😦 but i must tell you about this.

Deodorant and Antiperspirant are spoil our armpit. hidden bacteria in our armpit.

so the real function of deodorant or antiperspirant are KILL THE BACTERIA but HIDE THE BACTERIA in our armpit. not only that, base ingredient this product from harmful chemicals and potentially linked to CANCERΒ Bi’idznillaah.

Aluminium is base ingredient for this product, our armpit trulyΒ near with our breast. when we put this material to our armpit and permeate in our armpit, can you imagine right ??? cause actually WE DONT NEED this material in our body at all. you can read more in this article :Β
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